- Annual Fee : CDN$80, and is due on Jan 15th of each year;
(Membership starts as soon as membership fee is paid and is valid until the end of the calendar year)
SCPA Membership Application
2. Option # 2: Off-line Registration
- If you prefer to send the application via email, you can download the
application form
- Fill it in and email to us at membership@scpacanada.org 
- Or bring it with you to our upcoming events
- Downloadable Application Form
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Sino-Canadian Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SCPA)
Networking & Collobrating

Member Benefit

1. Advanced information and priority registration for upcoming limited-capacity meetings and special seminars;

2. Discounted fees on all of our activities including our quarterly meetings, and training events organized by SCPA.

- 50% discount on annual SCPA conferences fee
- 50% discount on SCPA workshops and seminars

3. Career development and advancement support through SCPA

- Priority access to job openings when positions are available

4. Participation in collaborations between Canadian and Chinese pharmaceutical companies and organizations.
Enrollment Options
1. Option # 1: On-line Registration
- Payment using credit card through Paypal
- Note: You don't need to have a Paypal account, if you don't have one
- Enroll online
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